Josie, Headed to Frozen Yogurt

Josie, 7, is one of a small number of students at her elementary school on the Boise Bench that commute via bike. “When it’s just a regular day, a few people ride their bikes,” she says. “Probably 20 or so.” She plans to keep riding as an adult. “I just love riding my bike. It’s a fun activity and I think I’ll do it for my whole life.” When she grows up, Josie plans to be a teacher, artist, astronaut and dog walker.

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Reba, The Barber

Reba works as a barber in downtown Boise. She lives without a car and uses her bike to get to and from work. Once she arrives to work, her bike takes on a new purpose. Read More »

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Learning How to Ride Again, in Spokane

After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend Veronica, 27, tried to decide what was next. As a bartender her first thought was to just drink. Instead, she started riding again. “It was the first time when something sad happened (and) I acted like a real adult and did something constructive and healthy.”

That summer she pedaled some 3,000 miles. The next, she completed a half Ironman. Now she commutes in Spokane on her fixed gear and rides a road bike “worth more than my car” and a big, heavy cruiser.

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When did you stop riding a bike? When did you start again? Let us know in the comments.

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Pedaling in ‘Gritty, Western’ Spokane

When Derek first began riding it was rare to see another road bike in Spokane. Since the ’80s the number of cyclists has grown, but only modestly.  “I think because of the weather here and also just because of the nature of the roads and the drivers it … cuts out the riff raff, you know?” Derek works at an alcohol and drug treatment center and as a bicycle messenger.

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Is bicycling a trend in your city or are you a lone wolf? Let us know in the comments. 

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Velocaching with Avi, at U.S. Bank Plaza

In the early 2000s the availability of cheap GPS units lead to a new group of treasure hunters: Geocachers. The group used clues and GPS coordinates to find (and leave) small caches just about everywhere. Then, three years ago, bicyclists created a new category of ‘caching, Velocaching. The group kicked GPS and added two new tools: bicycles and photos. The photos give hints as to where the cache is while the bicycles help members find the generally urban-placed caches.

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Your Rough and Tumble Updates

We like to keep a steady stream of stories on A New Bike, but sometimes we just can’t make it happen. If we made it a rule to get a story every time we go out, we have a hunch we’d quickly become the go-to source for Magna mountain bike stories. Which… is not exactly our goal. Instead, we patiently wait for the good stuff.

Even with our tape recorder empty and our camera bursting with blank film, we do have a few things to share.

First, Rachel, an anthropology and design student at the University of Missouri sent us a rad logo that she built for her personal portfolio.

Second, A few weeks ago (ish?) we were recommended by the ‘Inlander as a site worth checking out in their ‘For Your Consideration‘ feature. We are considering it awesome. (Our hometown weekly spoke with us just a couple days after launch.)

Finally, National G. has an incredible group of bike travel photos. My favorite is here.

That’s it. Have something bike-related we need to post? Let us know.

Enjoy your weekend,
A New Bike

PS: It doesn’t always feel like it in Boise, but mother nature is closing in on “bike ride with a splash of wine” temperature. This will help minimize one-handed riding (Thanks Heidi).

Photo: Seth’s 29’er

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Dan, Gladys, and the Bike of Destiny

Years after finding a bike during a trip to England, Dan decided he needed to have it. Because the purchase required a Canadian distributor to buy the British bicycle, he watched currency rates for a year before the dollar was at its strongest. “It was massive and stupid. But we did it, because that’s what you do for the bike of your destiny.” Some strong language.

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